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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- There is an endless game of “Where’s Waller?” being played on the New York Giants practice field this summer.

On three consecutive plays over the weekend, Darren Waller was an inline tight end, motioned into the slot and then lined up out wide. He was guarded by a linebacker, safety and cornerback.

All seemed like favorable matchups.

Waller has been close to unstoppable so far at training camp. The Giants have big plans for their new tight end, for whom they traded a third-round pick to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason.

“He has done a good job since he’s been here,” coach Brian Daboll said over the weekend. “We are trying him on some new things. He’s been a productive player…”

Daboll and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka are concocting all kinds of plans, trying everything with the 6-foot-6, 245-pound tight end.

“I see that, yeah. There's puttin' the tight end in -- a lot more positions than maybe they did last year,” Waller told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio. “'Cause I've run routes from every position that could possibly be on the field in the few years that I've been a starter and been a contributor. So, I believe that I add a different element that, you know, may force a defense to have a different type of focus, which opens things up for all the other playmakers on the team.”

Just about everything Waller has done this summer has worked. Backed up on their 1-yard line during live drills, the Giants lined him up across from rookie cornerback Deonte Banks. Waller took a quick slant -- using his body to shield the ball -- and spun off Banks for what would have been a sizable gain. Earlier in 1-on-1 drills, he made veteran safety Bobby McCain appear as if his feet were stuck in quicksand for a touchdown with a quick move in the middle of the field.

None of it compared to the leaping catch Waller made several days earlier when he came across the field, seemingly out of nowhere, and skied over cornerback Darnay Holmes at the right hash for a 10-plus-yard gain.

“Did you see him go up and get that ball the other day?" Sterling Shepard said. "I was telling [quarterback Daniel Jones], I was like, ‘Man look, that thing would’ve been sailing over my head.’"

The Giants are just hoping Waller remains healthy, which is why he did little on Monday during a load management day. Waller, who twice topped 1,000 yards receiving with the Raiders, has played in 20 of 34 games the past two seasons because of injury.

Despite Las Vegas’ insistence that Waller was not available last season, the Giants acquired Waller in March, adding a much-needed pass-catcher to an offense that finished last in the NFL with 28 pass plays of 20-plus yards last season.

“He’s certainly a matchup issue for defenses,” Jones said. “The way he runs at his size, you know, kinda the stuff underneath … you know, his big body and then his speed, and size down the field also is huge for us. So he's had a great camp so far.”

While the defense and media have been busy playing “Where’s Waller?” throughout camp, Jones hasn’t had trouble finding his tight end. Waller has not only been a reliable option, he’s clearly been Jones’ best option.

“I guess it's just for my size and my weight and I guess the way that I run the multitude of routes that I try to be comfortable running, and a lot of guys don't necessarily do that,” Waller said. “But it’s just coming in with a mindset of I don't want to be limited in any part of my game. Whatever they want to line me up and run at, I want to be able to do that and be effective at it and not just be like, ‘Oh man, I'm not really that good at that,’ or, ‘I can't do that.’ I want to be able to do everything and just present myself as a viable option to the quarterback every time I run a route.”


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• Selects the maximum calculated value
• Behaves as if you're setting the minimum value
• Supports mixed units
• Supports nested calculations as a value
• Accepts two or three values, but most commonly two values.
• When to use: "I need this element to be sized dynamically, but it should never get smaller than X"


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